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Here are some basic words and phrases translation that can be useful in your stay in Camarines Sur.  Although there are some municipalities in Camarines Sur that speak a different dialect but the most common and can be understand by most Bicolano is the Central Standard which is widely spoken in some parts of Daet, Naga City and other parts of Camarines Sur.

Magandang umaga po - Marhay na Aga po –  Good morning 

Magandang tanghali po – Marhay na ugto po - Good noon

Magandang hapon po – Marhay na haponGood afternoon

Magandang gabi po –  Marhay na banggi poGood evening

Kumusta po kayo?  - Kumusta po kamo?  -  How are you? 

Mabuti naman – Marhay manI’m fine!

Salamat po –  Salamat tabi (Dios Mabalos)Thank you

Oo - iyoYes

Hindi – daiNo

Hindi ko po/ho alam  - Dai ko po aram –  I don’t know

Walang anuman – Daeng anumanYou are welcome

Saan po kayo papunta?  Saan po kamo madumanWhere are you going?

Saan ka galing? Saen ka hali?  - Where did you come from?

Saan ka nakatira? Saen ka po naka-istar?  - Where do you live? 

Kain po tayo –  Makakan poLet’s eat. 

Paalam –  Paaram –  Goodbye

When buying something

Magkakano po ito?  Gurano ini?  - How much is this?

Maganda – magayonBeautiful

Wala na po – mayo na poThere is none.


Saan? - Saen? Where?

Bakit? –  Ta – no? Why?

Alin? - Arin? Which?

Ano? - Tano? What?

Sino? - Si isay? Who?

Kailan? - No arin? When?

Nasaan ka?  Haen ka?  Where are you?


Below is a list of Tagalog words and phrases used in giving or asking for directions.

(sa) kanan - sa too - on the right
(sa) kaliwa -sa wala –   on the left
(sa) likod/likuran –  sa likudanat the back/behind
(sa) ibaba – sa irarombelow/at the bottom
(sa) loob - sa laog -  inside
(sa) labas – sa luwas  - outside



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