PNR’s Bicol Express and Mayon Express Train , Schedules and Prices

After years of renovation.  PNR was able to successfully open again the Bicol route.  A pilot run was held last  June 30, 2011, a new and improved Bicol Express Train was inaugurated by PNR.   If your on a budget and want to enjoy the experience of riding a train.  This train ride will be good for you.

PNR Naga City Terminal

In many asian countries like singapore and malaysia, japan and china,  the train are one of the main and convenient way of transportation.  Here in our country, many passengers have been using the train for two primary reason ;

  • affordable
  • no traffic

Bicol Express Train

The train usually leaves at the evening and will be at it’s destination in the morning which travel times varies depends on the allocated time spent on each station  but nonetheless, the expected time of arrival will be not too far from what they have scheduled.

PNR Bicol Express Rate

Here are the PNR train rates for 2012;

Manila to Edsa P10.00

Manila to Bicutan P15.00

Manila to Sucat P20.00

Manila to Alabang P20.00

Manila to Naga and Naga to Manila Trip categories:

Reclining seats P548.00

Sleeper train P950 (P665:00 for the promo)

Executive sleepers P1,425 (P997.50 for the promo)

Because I am just travelling alone, i thought riding the reclining seat would just be enough.  But sleeper would be great if your riding with a family or group of friends or relatives.

PNR Naga City Terminal

The Naga City Terminal had been renovated to accommodate more consumer.

Bicol Express Schedules:

Departure at Tutuban: 6:15 PM

Pasay Road: 6:43 – 6:44 PM

Alabang: 7:09 PM

Departure at Naga: 7:00 PM

But I believe time schedules can be changed.  So, it is still best to inquire at the nearest PNR station or you can also call these numbers to reserve a seat.

Manila -(02) 319-0048

Lucena – (042) 661-2990

Naga – (054) 698-2132

You have the options to ride three trains going to Bicol.  The Bicol Express (which is up to Naga ) and The Mayon Express Train Limited Delux and Limited Ordinary (To Ligao) which will be near to the famous Mayon Volcano. 

If security is your main concern on riding the Bicol Express, you don’t need to worry because  PNR police wearing a police t-shirt are roving and securing the safety of every one.

You have three options to choose on what you would like to sit/stay,  there were the reclining chair or what I called a bus type because it just look like you were riding on a bus.  The seats were divided by two big reclining chairs.  A wifi television will entertain you through the night until you doze in.

Bicol Express Bus Type

If your travelling with family, relative or friends, the sleeper will be a nice alternative.  You can have some privacy and a great time to bond during the travel.

Bicol Express Sleeper

For those travelling alone and just want to have a peaceful me time , away from the crowd.  The executive sleeper would be perfect for having privacy.

bicol express executive sleeper

These three options were all air conditioned and I tell you, you have to wear something that can make you warm because my body was chilling the entire trip even I was wearing a jacket and a socks. ( I told myself that I should have brought my mittens and a blanket.  I used my towel, to serve as a blanket for me)

The Mayon Express Limited De Luxe on the other hand has a capacity of 83 seaters (passengers) with only one seating option.

PNR Mayon Express Train (Mayon limited deluxe)

PNR Mayon Express Limited Ordinary (via philippine national railways)

  Mayon Limited Ordinary Stopping Stations and Fare Tariff

Stations Fare Tariff
San Pablo Php 69
Lucena Php 102
Hondagua Php 183
Tagkawayan Php 214
Ragay/Sipocot/Libmanan Php 291
Naga/Iriga/Polangui/Ligao Php 344
Minimum Fare: Php 69

Mayon Limited De Luxe Stopping Stations and Fare Tariff

Stations Fare Tariff
Lucena Php 214
Tagkawayan Php 447
Ragay Php 503
Sipocot Php 547
Naga Php 608
Iriga Php 664
Ligao Php 717
Minimum Fare Php 214
television inside Mayon Express Limited

Television on board mayon express de luxe

Although, it is not my first time to ride a commuter train, considering the fact that my grand mother always ride the train while going to Cupang in my younger days, the excitement and thrill keeps on rushing to my veins and just upon hearing the sound , memories keeps on coming back and i couldn’t help but cry.

If you would ask a suggestion on what i would prefer to ride.  I would prefer the Bicol Express train because it’s more comfortable but nonetheless my experience in both trains are so far good and satisfying.

For reservations and ticket sales, you may contact PNR thru Telephone Numbers:+63.2.319.0041 ext. 122


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  1. Very informative. I am sure those who have plans of going somewhere in Bicol are very happy to have come across your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jona

     /  June 4, 2012

    Pwede ah! Parang sarap nga mga train going to Bicol. Hindi kaya nakakatakot ang railroad track compared to zigzag roads for the buses?

  3. i haven’t tried riding any trains in philippines even the LRT in manila or somwhere. Love all the photos! great info’s you provided as well. xx

  4. Looks really comfortable. It’s good that they’ve improved their facilities. I wouldn’t mind getting on that train to Bicol.

  5. wow, thanks for sharing this! mejo scared ako nung first narinig ko about the trains but looking at the pics u posted looks decent naman. How long nga pala ang trip to CamSur? I wanna ride this one on my next trip! Thanks!

  6. I want to try this train going to Bicol. Maybe this coming summer. I am sure it’ll be super comfortable. Great post!


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